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The SJ Control™- remote for iPad/iPod/iPhone

The SJ Control™ is an application that transforms the iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad into a universal remote control. The SJ Control™ app allows you to control all of your home's audio, video, lights, shades, gates, and network camera gear simply and reliably. We focus on a simple user experience that allows non-experts the ability to quickly and efficiently use a powerful custom remote. The app is easy to install and can accommodate as many devices as you wish without limitations.

The SJ Control™ comes with a yearly subscription, Which covers regular maintenance and updates to the app so you will be ready as new devices or technologies develop. You will always be on the cutting edge of technology! The subscription comes with a biannual physical inspection to ensure the devices are updated and in perfect working condition.

How does it work?

The SJ Controller app sends all commands via the wireless network to our patented networked device. This device then translates the commands into IR, RS232, and HTTP request depending on the controlled devices. With the integration of the Lutron RadioRA 2 system, your house can truly become a smart home. The Lutron RadioRA 2 system installs very quickly and economically. Generally no new wiring, or very limited rewiring is necessary. The dimmers for lights, shade controllers, fan controllers, gate controllers, etc. all connect and are operated wirelessly. Your imagination is truly the only limitation of this system.

We develop the app to your specific needs. The layout, colors, pictures, and buttons can all be designed to meet your preferences. We can even make the welcome screens dynamic with personalized welcome messages to your guests, weather information, local and/or national events, truly creating a unique personalized experience for each user.

Capabilities of the SJ Control™:
  • Control all audio-visual systems from one remote.
  • Install The SJ Control™ on as many devices as you like, allowing each room or zone to have its own remote.
  • See who is at your door™connect to your intercom camera.
  • View live images from your security cameras from your remote.
  • Open doors and gates from your remote.
  • Control all lights and program different mood settings from your remote.
  • Complete integration with Lutron systems, including occupancy and daylight sensors that offer energy efficiency and may qualify for tax savings.
  • Open and close shades from your remote.
  • The layout of the SJ Control™ is completely customizable. We can generate a layout that is unique to you (colors, family photos, etc.).
  • The SJ Control™ is the arguably the easiest system to operate. We design the layout so only the buttons that you want to use are available, reducing confusion on what button to press.
  • The SJ Control™ runs on familiar Apple devices with proven reliability/versatility and intuitive control.
  • The SJ Control™ is a cost-effective solution that does not compromise quality and functionality.

Sample of possible themes:

Starting costs for one SJ Control remote to control one television, one Oceanic Time Warner cable box, and one BluRay/DVD Player starts at $995.00 (excludes cost for Apple devices).

Universal Remote Control Home Control

Forgot to point the remote in correct direction, and now nothing works any more? Is the table littered with a wide array of remotes? Want to control the lights and shades from the comfort of a remote control? Universal Remote Control has a solution for you.

MX-880 with RF connection

Immediate access to all of your equipment in brilliant color!

With its bright 2" LCD screen, the MX-880 gives you a gorgeous color interface that goes beyond remote replacement. The graphic capabilities of the MX-880 allow your installer to customize your remote with one of several colorful themes. Accessing a favorite channel is accomplished by selecting an easily identifiable station logo of your favorite television network, for example. You have not experienced channel surfing until you have used an MX-880.

Pick up the MX-880 and experience the superior ergonomics and button layout that are a hallmark of URC design. Universal Remote Control has even incorporated some of the advanced features its highend remotes in the MX-880. Automatic motion sensing turns on back lighting when you pick up your MX-880. With its rechargeable battery and included AC adapter you never have to worry about having extra batteries on hand.

Experience the freedom of control wherever and whenever you want with the MX-880 and a Universal Remote Control wireless base station. With the MX-880, the ability to automate any component anywhere in the house is just a button push away.

In order to eliminate pointing and increase the usability of the MX-880 remote we use URC's MRF- 350. The MRF-350 is the versatile companion RF base station for URC's many narrow band remote controls. The MRF-350 receives Narrow Band RF (radio frequency) signals via the RFX-250 RF Sensor (antenna module). The RFX-250 displays RF interference via a bright red LED which flickers when interference is present. Simply relocate the RFX-250 out of the interference area to resolve the problem. The base station features six adjustable (variable) line outputs which provide an additional degree of fine tuning for devices susceptible to IR overload.

The MRF-350's rear panel also includes an IR input which will relay IR data from IR repeaters or multi-zone keypads to all IR line outputs (does not support IR routing).

URC MX-880 with MRF-350 for one TV, one cable box, and one BluRay/DVD start at: $950.00

MX-980 with MSC-400

The MX-980 is a premium, state-of-the-art custom remote without a premium price.

Replace every remote in your household with the MX-980 and experience transparent device operation everywhere. Pick up the MX- 980 and experience superior ergonomic design and button layout optimized for your ease of use. Your thumb is never out of reach of critical controls.

Your new MX-980 is much more than a replacement remote. Advanced control tools provided by Universal Remote Control give your MX-980 the ability to orchestrate even the most complex system operation.

Control your lighting and other devices you never dreamed possible, and do it all with one button press.

Experience the freedom of control wherever and whenever you want with the MX-980 and a Universal Remote Control wireless base station.

With the MX-980 the ability to turn on or off any component anywhere in the house is just a button push away.

In order to obtain the maximum benefits of your home control system, we recommend a system controller, especially if your set-up is larger or more sophisticated than average. System controllers are components that transparently receive radio frequency (RF) commands through walls, doors, and floors from your remote to operate your components. With a system controller like the MSC-400 orchestrating your equipment, you no longer have to point the remote at your equipment to operate it. In fact, the MSC-400 can execute some commands without the need for any remote controls.

You will be amazed by the feats of magic the MSC- 400 can perform. As is with any URC base station, you can centralize and store the equipment for an entire house behind closed doors in a cabinet. It gives you the ability to turn off all of the TVs in thehouse at the touch of a single button, or adjust the volume of your music while you are out on the patio.

A system controller is more powerful than a simple base station, however. Imagine your child switching on their favorite game console and the MSC-400 responding by automatically turning on the TV, audio receiver and changing to the correct inputs automatically. Or plugging in the family camcorder and watching while the MSC-400 configures your system to watch a home movie.

URC MX-980 with MSC-400 for one TV, one cable box, and one BluRay/DVD start at: $1,500.00.